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Program Descriptions
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Ā'oga Tama'iti

Children's Program

We offer children aged 8-14 an overview of the Samoan language, as well as the fundamentals of our traditions, customs, history, and stories.

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All tama'iti students new to LE GaFa start at Tama'iti I before moving onto Tama'iti II and Tama'iti III.

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Ā'oga Tupulaga Talavou ma Tagata Matutua

Adult Program

We offer adults aged 15+ instruction on Samoan grammar through the lens of the culture and history that connect our language to our people and land.


All adult students new to LE GaFa start with SAM 101 A before moving onto SAM 101 B, SAM 102, and SAM 103. 

Class Registration

Class registration is closed while we re-vamp our curriculum!


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