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Program Descriptions
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Ā'oga Tama'iti

Children's Program

We offer children aged 8-14 an overview of the Samoan language, as well as the fundamentals of our traditions, customs, history, and stories.

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All tama'iti students new to LE GaFa start at Tama'iti I before moving onto Tama'iti II and Tama'iti III.

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Ā'oga Tupulaga Talavou ma Tagata Matutua

Adult Program

We offer adults aged 15+ instruction on Samoan grammar through the lens of the culture and history that connect our language to our people and land.


All adult students new to LE GaFa start with SAM 101 A before moving onto SAM 101 B, SAM 102, and SAM 103. 


We are holding an accelerated SAM 101A course during the month of February:

February 6th - 29th

Tuesday & Thursday nights

6:30pm - 8:30pm PST

+30 minutes of optional group language practice


Note: at this time, all classes are held online via ZOOM and hosted from California (Pacific Standard Time)

Class Registration

Fill-out and submit the form below for each student registering for the February 2024 SAM 101A course.

SAM 101A is designed for adults and teenagers aged 14+




As a registered student or legal parent/guardian of a minor registering, I give my permission to LE GaFa and its agents and employees the irrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and/or video images taken of me, or members of my family, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, or advertising in any manner or in any medium. I hereby release LE GaFa and its legal representatives for all claims and liability relating to said images or video. Furthermore, I grant permission to use my statements that were given during class discussion, online classroom platforms and feedback forms, with or without my name, for the purpose of advertising and publicity without restriction. I waive my right to any compensation.


Click below to purchase tuition for one 9-week course

Tuition is due Friday of the first week of class

Kids Tuition applies to: Tama'iti I, Tama'iti II, Tama'iti III

Adult and Student/Military Tuition apply to: SAM101A, SAM101B, SAM102, SAM103

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